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Chattanooga Home Inspections

Because what you can’t see can absolutely hurt you, we’re glad you’re looking for Chattanooga home inspections. And for home inspection, Chattanooga often turns to Full Disclosure Property Inspection. This is one area where you can save yourself a lot of trouble by spending a little money up front.

A new-to-you house could be the biggest investment of your life. For that reason, protect your investment! Don’t even consider buying a home without getting a professional home inspection. Unless you’re a home inspector yourself, you won’t be able to ensure that you know every aspect of the home that could put your investment at risk. Chattanooga home inspections often reveal problems that need to be corrected. In addition, some inspections reveal major flaws that can save you from a home purchase you’ll regret. One unknown issue could cost you thousands of dollars.

Chattanooga Home Inspections from Full Disclosure Property Inspection

chattanooga home inspections

The biggest question is: how much risk are you comfortable with? Is peace of mind worth a few hundred dollars? The answer seems to be clear: with complete home inspection, Chattanooga buyers spend less money on repairs.

Full Disclosure Property Inspection is a full-service home inspection company Chattanooga, Tennessee trusts. Locally owned and operated, we have uncompromising work ethics and standards. In addition, we founded our company in order to combine the highest technical skills with superior customer service. When you ask us to take on your home inspection, you’re hiring conscientious, educated professionals. Professional home inspectors who love helping our clients with one of the most important investment decisions they will ever make.

Just listen to our clients:

“Melanie was very efficient and professional in completing our recent home inspection. She showed pictures, explained everything and answered our questions after the inspection. Her report was thorough, detailed and included pictures. We received it very quickly! If you need a home inspection, choose Full Disclosure Property Inspection!”

– Michelle Kelly

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Buying a home without knowing if there are undiscovered issues isn’t a good feeling. In fact, it can be downright stressful.

You deserve to know that the house you’re buying is the right one – inside and out. For that reason, hiring Full Disclosure Property Inspection gives you the assurance you need. That’s why, for Chattanooga home inspections home buyers trust us. No surprise repairs, no hidden dangers.

Experienced, Certified Chattanooga Home Inspections

Our inspector, Melanie Crabtree, is certified and licensed. You can trust that her experience will spot the issues not revealed on the property listing.

Excellent Customer Service

With a major purchase like this, we know you have a lot invested in getting it right the first time. In addition, if you’re going to live here … let’s just say that it’s incredibly important. We take the time you need us to. In addition, we’ll explain every item on the report to make sure your questions are satisfied and your decision is supported.

How it Works

1. Schedule Your Inspection

Just contact us to schedule an inspection date and time that works best for you. When we talk, feel free to ask us any question that’s on your mind!

2. Attend the Inspection

You’re invited to be there when we walk through the home and perform our inspection. We’ll meticulously go through the home, paying attention to all the details and answering your questions along the way.

3. Receive Our Report

Within a short time after your inspection, we’ll submit our thorough, itemized report to you. At that time, if any other questions arise, we’ll be happy to answer them. You can be confident in the knowledge that every issue has come to light and the home’s exact state is transparent to you.

For Chattanooga home inspections, turn to FDPI.