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Environmental Testing


You are about to start a new chapter of your life in a new home. As a home inspector, I am charged with making you aware of all issues or possible issues on your home. Part of doing this concerns the environmental conditions in your next home. I am in no way trying to lead you to have this testing done. It matters not to me. I would be failing you, however, if I failed to inform you of these possible environmental concerns.

Some environmental tests take several days of exposure, then a few more to send to the lab for evaluation. Most real estate transactions make allowances for the additional time that radon or mold testing might take. If this is something you might want done I will contact all parties involved and request an environmental only extension of your due-diligence period in case running and receiving the test results back takes longer than the time your diligence period covers.

Home Inspectors are licensed through and governed by the State of Tennessee Rules of Standards of Practice. There, we are informed what we will, and will not do in the performance of our inspections. Please refer to the Tennessee Standards of Practice Areas not highlighted are the excluded areas per State Rules.

Environmental Testing Information

Environmental – NOTE: These prices are for testing performed with a full inspection. Any requests for testing separate from an inspection will cost $150.00 in addition to the total fee for testing quoted. Please contact our office at 423-255-1300 for the cost for any testing you might be interested in.

Air-Born Radon

A naturally occurring uranium gas that expresses out of the earth in rocky areas. If allowed to concentrate in a living environment it can cause serious respiratory issue. It is the #2 cause of death by lung cancer in America second only to first hand cigarette smoke. It can also be present in the homes water if the potable water is sourced from a well. Air Radon tests must set for at least 48 hours up to 96 hours. The test is then collected and sent to a laboratory for analysis. If you wish to have this please notify me ASAP so I might set it early and pick it up during inspection if time allows to expedite the return of the results. (If a trip charge was included in your inspection fee, the same amount will be added to this fee to help offset costs for the second trip to the property.)

Well Water Radon Testing

If the home you are looking to purchase uses well water as potable water it is highly recommended to have your source well tested for Radon. Water is drawn up from the underlying rock beds and can, when aerated in the home through showers, etc., release into the air to be breathed.

All Radon tests are quoted per test (per sample).

Well Water testing

This water test determines the levels of nitrates, nitrites, e.coli, coliform and lead in the water. (Tennessee has a zero tolerance for e.coli in water). Some lenders require this if the property is on well.

Well Water Test (FHA Test) is quoted per source

Well Flow Rate Determination

The flow test measures gallons per minute produced by the pump into the system to ensure sufficient flow to serve the property.

Well Flow Determination is quoted per source.

Well water package including Radon, FHA Test and Flow Determination is quoted when performed at same time will be quoted saving $100.00 off performing tests individually.

Indoor Air Quality (Mold)

Quoted per sample – A single sample is collected near the air return to measure the actual spore count of different identified particulates present in the indoor air. This is normally for someone who has allergies/sensitivities. If you would like testing in more than one location or floor, or if you want a representative outdoor test for comparison, each test sample is the price quoted.

These test cartridges are mailed to a laboratory for analysis. This normally takes no more than 3 business days to receive the results back.

Dye testing

This is a test to verify that all water traveling the waste draining system of the property is being routed to the provided sanitary septic/sewer verifying flow paths is available. A cleanout must be available between the exterior wall and the tank/sewer to run this test. We do two dye runs, one from a sanitary source, one from a grey water source, (usually a toilet and a sink) to see if both go to field. The results for these are immediate.

Most real estate transactions make allowances for the additional time Environmental testing might take. If this is something you want done, we will take care of requesting an environmental only extension from the agents (up to 10 days). Let me know so we can make necessary arrangements.