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Continuing Education for TN and GA Realtors about Home Inspection

Melanie is a licensed Continuing Education Instructor in Tennessee and Georgia, teaching CE related to many aspects of home inspection to realtors, and she can bring the classes to you! She can offer these classes in any venue, in person or virtually, including in your real estate office!*

There are many classes available, and if you are licensed in both Tennessee and Georgia, taking the Georgia class (which is always 3 CE hrs.) also gets you whatever CE hrs. the same class offers in Tennessee! (Tennessee classes can be worth from 1 to 3 CE hrs. See class list for details.) See an interesting topic below? Click on it for a description of the class…


Managing the Home Inspection                                                                                                            3 hrs GA   2 hrs TN

Mold: What you need to know about mold and how to read mold sampling reports                3 hrs GA     1 hr TN

Radon and Real Estate Transactions                                                                                                   3 hrs GA      1 hr TN

Understanding Residential Electrical Inspections                                                                            3 hrs GA   3 hrs TN

Home Energy Options and Audits                                                                                                        3 hrs GA       2 hrs TN

The Basics of Heating Systems: For Real Estate Agents                                                                  3 hrs GA   2 hrs TN

Going Green: For Real Estate Agents                                                                                                  3 hrs GA       —-

Air and Water Quality: What Real Estate Agents need to know                                                    3 hrs GA       —-

10 Most Common Home Defects                                                                                                           —–          2 hrs TN

Pests and Environmental Hazards for Real Estate Professionals                                                  3 hrs GA      —-

Avoiding the Aggravation of Home Inspections                                                                                 —–          2 hrs TN

Residential Structural Inspections                                                                                                        —–          2 hrs TN

New Home Construction For Real Estate Agents                                                                              3 hrs GA      —–

Lead Safety: What Real Estate Agents need to Know                                                                       3 hrs GA   2 hrs TN



We do require at least 10 participants for a class to be scheduled. Classes must be open to any licensed Real Estate professional in Georgia or Tennessee. If the class is to be presented in a real estate office, the office must agree to allow outside agents to attend if they wish. (We’ve never had this happen, but it is a required condition.)

If you would like more information or would like to schedule a class, contact us now at [email protected] or fill out the form below.